Ibex.ai is offering a free trial of its AI CRM offering to gaming companies

Artificial intelligence (AI) applied to CRM is a growing need in the iGaming industry. Applying the potential of AI to customer relationship management systems provides advantages that until recently were difficult to imagine. Fortunately for many of the operators in the industry, AI expert Ibex.ai has decided to offer a free trial of its state-of-the-art CRM services to demonstrate that its solution is unrivaled in the market.

It is important to understand that CRMs are specially designed to understand and design efficient strategies or actions to interact with users and achieve more conversions from processes to sales. This free access system is intended to provide massive help to online casinos that do not have the budget to purchase their own CRM software.

Through the tool, under-resourced teams will have the ability to move up the ranks quickly. The experts behind its development have stated that new technologies allow brands to revolutionize their optimization strategies. Ibex.ai confirms that it is at the forefront of these processes and is confident that its solutions are able to offer the highest level of automation and customization.

AI applied in CRM helps to understand and interpret information to bring value to the different strategic and commercial objectives of the company. Ibex.ai’s deep learning algorithms help to more efficiently meet customer needs and provide better information to internal users. This being the case, automated communication and campaigns translate into lower costs for iGaming operators, as well as increased player retention rates.

With the implementation of AI in CRM systems, the processes of automating data entry and analysis can be improved. This process will allow the creation of profiles tailored to the actual characteristics of the users, and online casinos will be able to better understand them. This has the positive consequence of developing products and/or services that perfectly match the players’ needs.