Online casinos are taking advantage of Sontiq’s advanced security features to protect their networks

It’s not possible to have too much security when dealing with sensitive information, and online casinos know this best. They have to deal with financial information, proprietary software and private user data, which includes information that, if compromised, could lead to identity theft.
In an effort to protect their platforms, many have already begun relying on the advanced security techniques offered by artificial intelligence (AI), but a dedicated intelligent identity security (IIS) provider, Sontiq, is giving the iGaming community even more tools.

Sontiq already offered a robust set of tools that helped protect digital platforms, but just added a new set when it acquired Breach Clarity. The data breach intelligence FinTech firm offers enhanced solutions that provide further protection and which can better ascertain possible risks. The acquisition gives online casinos the ability to take advantage of Sontiq’s IndentityForce, Cyberscout and EZShield solutions, all of which will now include BreachIQ.

According to the company, “BreachIQ analyzes more than 1,300 data points to curate a breach score based on the severity and risks of a publicly reported data breach. From a personalized perspective, BreachIQ combines the potential impact from multiple breaches involving an individual’s personal information. Then, it calculates the steps the individual has taken to mitigate additional breach exposure. From there, BreachIQ produces a proprietary, highly personalized risk score that is further updated with each breach incident.”

A larger rollout of Sontiq’s platform is expected to come sometime this year, allowing more companies to take advantage of its solutions. The co-founder of Breach Clarity, Jim Van Dyke, adds, “With the integration of our artificial intelligence algorithm and risk expertise, Sontiq will provide clarity to millions of consumers around their individualized risk profile and the protective actions steps likely to have the greatest impact. In combination with personalized advice and recovery with Sontiq’s white-glove resolution experts, consumers have never been in better hands. We are excited to work with Sontiq’s team to deliver additional, innovative solutions in the coming months.”