Artificial intelligence becomes an increasingly intrinsic part of iGaming activity, a provider of artificial intelligence (AI)-based marketing solutions, recently announced an agreement to partner with Aardvark Technologies, a provider of online gaming solutions and technology. The idea of the agreement is to further strengthen Aardvark’s industry appeal. The iGaming industry could benefit greatly from joining forces such as these.

The agreement between the two technology firms will enable the iGaming technology provider’s customers to gain access to’s state-of-the-art customer relationship management (CRM) tools. As a result, it will be able to help elevate its capabilities related to creating more effective marketing campaigns by customizing them for each user.

Simas Denisovas, CEO of Aardvark Technologies, offered his thoughts on the partnership, making it clear that any company operating in the competitive iGaming sector is in dire need of acquiring new customers while keeping existing ones satisfied. He added, “Ibex.Ai was exactly what we’ve been looking for as they have developed a system with a different approach to allow the maximum possible customization and an extremely high level of automation which we think is crucial for our partners.” has a system built to meet the needs of a modern online gaming operator. That is enough for the provider to deliver higher customer retention and customer lifetime value (LTV) rates.

To achieve this, the firm uses 100% personalization and a high level of automation-based machine learning algorithms. The system makes use of unique monetization-based calculations to maximize profitability to target each customer with the most profitable offer at the right time and the ideal channels.