AI is making it easier for sportsbooks to enhance their in-play gambling options

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the ability to offer a number of enhancements to different industries that would otherwise be completely impossible to consider. Nowhere is this more evident than in the gambling industry, where AI has now become a regular part of operations. Sports gambling is benefiting from AI, as well, and more sportsbooks are now able to integrate AI solutions to bolster their in-play wagering options to give sports gamblers better options that are able to be adjusted quickly as games alter their course.

One of the more prominent AI solutions for sportsbooks was developed by Simplebet. By incorporating AI and machine learning, it is able to offer faster wagering opportunities that will eventually allow sportsbooks to introduce options right before the next play of the game. Soon, sports gambling fans will be able to open their online sportsbook and select whether or not the next pass in an NFL game cover 30 yards, for example, or if the next MLB batter at the plate drives the ball between the shortstop’s legs. As Simplebet co-founder Joey Levy puts it, “We’re only really scratching the surface here.”

These types of bets, often referred to as micro-bets, are similar to prop bets, but can be placed during the live game, targeting individual plays or actions. Trying to offer them previously would have required human intervention that takes longer and might lead to mistakes. However, AI is able to track the action automatically and, using a basic set of guidelines, establish the in-game micro-bets to keep sports gambling fans engaged in the excitement.