Optx has added another casino operator to its AI data solutions footprint

The need to find state-of-the-art technologies to handle many of the services offered in the casino industry is becoming more and more imminent. Artificial intelligence (AI) seems to be one of the most sought-after features by many operators. Optx, having that technology as one of its applications, has been a favorite in Indigo Sky Casino & Resort’s quest to provide a new casino data platform.

The partnership with the Las Vegas-based firm comes at a time when many casinos are raising their game. Optx makes use of data to provide analytical information on a variety of things, including marketing campaigns, slot usage, player development, and AI.

Through this data platform, casino operators have the opportunity to make much more informed and accurate decisions about bonus content, games, and even marketing recommendations. One of the advantages that Optx offers is that its platform can be used on both desktop and mobile applications.

Indigo Sky Casino Resort’s general manager, Melanie Heskett, said that the search for a technology provider was exhaustive. However, Optx seems to be the ideal partner to streamline their operations more efficiently, while helping to increase overall casino profits.

She added, “Having a single piece of software that helps us continue to provide top-notch guest experiences to our players, while also enhancing our internal operations, means our players and team members both win.”

Optx has more than a decade of experience in the market. After being founded by a group of former casino executives, it set about the task of developing its platform with the goal of being an essential tool for the development of that industry.