The technology company is introducing revolutionary AI features to gaming

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reaching more markets and starting to offer new ways of doing business to diverse sectors. The gaming industry, especially casinos – online or physical locations – are already working together with AI to improve the overall experience for their customers, as well as improving on security. The US arm of Innovative Technology is innovating through its wide variety of services, with several technologies designed specifically for one sector. This AI company recently introduced its new ICU technology, which provides age verification and facial recognition features, with the goal of helping businesses automate several processes.

Rebecca White, VP Sales & Business Development for Innovative Technology Americas, said that this will be a great year for the company in the US. She explains, “Our core business is all about automating transactions in a most business efficient and cost-effective way. Our suite of highly secure cash validation, recycling and smart, safe products offer numerous advantages such as fast bulk note processing speeds, multi-denomination recycling, and reduction in overall operating costs.

“We are particularly excited about our new ICU Age Verification and Facial Recognition device, which can help users manage the sale of age-restricted goods to ensure compliance, plus intelligent AI algorithms can identify faces to control access. ICU does not require pre-registration or human intervention and quickly and accurately predicts age and identifies faces, so it is ideal for automated self-service and kiosk markets. Joining the KMA will give us the opportunity to network with key organizations within the industry and therefore introduce our new retail and kiosk portfolio to this growing hi-tech market.”

This ICU technology uses data collection and AI through its facial recognition feature that can have other functionalities inside the gaming industry, even online, such as proper identification. This technology can recognize a person that was requested in the past to be self-excluded due to gambling addiction and even people that, for one reason or another, were banned from playing. Also, with a focus on automating processes, the company also offers analysis to reduce operating costs and other services.