The leading AI company participated in the recently-held ICE London expo

With the advancement of technology, more people become more interested in the things that artificial intelligence (AI) has accomplished so far. In the recent ICE London that took place last week, the stand from Innovative Technology (ITL) was crowded with a low of visitors fascinated with the precision that its devices had to verify things like age and self-exclusion through its facial recognition software. All these features can definitely bring the gaming industry a step forward to ensure a safe environment for gamblers to play comfortably as well as getting a personalized service.

For the gambling industry, it is of utmost importance to guarantee a responsible gaming policy, and AI technology can provide this warrant. “ICE was a great success for us this year with a busy stand for the duration of the show. Operators and manufacturers keen to support responsible gambling to ensure player protection were eager to demo ICU on the stand.

The team showed them how ICU can help with implementing important social responsibility policies. ICU Age Verification can ensure compliance to prevent underage gambling and safeguard children, while ICU Facial Recognition can allow operators to identify VIPs and those who have willingly self-excluded or have been excluded,” said Marcus Tiedt, the company’s Sales Director.

Also, part of ITL’s technology, Spectral Technology, is another interesting AI device that was also very popular for its capacity to detect stained notes and reject the acceptance of those that were stolen. Gambling, in general, can be perceived as an industry revolved by obscure businesses, and gambling facilities have been accused of serving as a place to launder money. “Gaming machines are just one example of where criminals try to launder stained or fraudulent banknotes by depositing dye-stained notes into machines. This can pose a threat to operators if they do not have the latest technology installed to combat this,” added Tiedt. More into the future, the technology can be taken to automate transactions and manage payments for a cost-effective solution.