AI allows gaming operators to have better control over product rollout to enhance the user experience

Jada Gaming was created with the purpose of providing a solution to a number of systemic struggles that the iGaming industry faces today. Josh Tromans-Jones, Jada’s CTO, participated in an interview with SBC News to further explain why the company is considered a one-stop-shop for artificial intelligence (AI) in the gaming industry. This is just one more clear example of how the iGaming industry has begun to find a great ally through new technologies and how countless obstacles can be overcome through this useful tool.

When Tromans-Jones was asked how technology like AI helps Jada to offer a more personalized experience for casino and sports betting players, he said it was all thanks to the implementation of Jada Brain. Through this AI-based solution created by Jada Gaming, iGaming operators can have better control in solving different problems.

According to Tromans-Jones, this end-to-end full data platform that is based on the implementation of AI and machine learning (ML) has the ability to solve a large number of business problems that operators and affiliates face on a daily basis. Jada Brain gives the possibility to different operators to choose markets or betting games categorized by each client determined by an algorithm (this is where ML does its thing) that analyzes player behaviors. “Operators are armed with data which can then be leveraged to create manual campaigns, integrated into CRM tools or for operators’ front-end design,” added Tromans-Jones.

In addition, AI is also being used to adapt personalized journeys and user flows, which has a positive impact on CRM communications. Through this data, you can have a better understanding of when, how and what messages should be sent to help consumers.