The gaming property will use AI to improve consumer engagement

Jake’s 58 Casino Hotel has now joined the growing list of partners of OPTX, the Las Vegas-based technology and artificial intelligence (AI) start-up focused on analyzing complex player data to provide real-time recommendations and information to casino operators. This AI-based player solution has brought a variety of benefits to the gaming industry as a whole, which is why its portfolio of clients continues to grow.

Jake’s 58 Casino Hotel, located in Iceland, NY, has decided to use OPTX’s services for its complete player development, marketing, slots, and AI suite. Michael Bonakdar, general manager of the casino, said, “OPTX is the solution we have been looking for. Being able to streamline operations is key, and the solutions that OPTX provides will also allow us to access and analyze data efficiently and easily and take timely action to optimize our customer experience efforts.”

Brooke Fiumara, co-CEO of OPTX, comes to reaffirm those comments by assuring that the solutions of this start-up are sufficient to include sophisticated data models for the development of various processes in the casino industry, all thanks to the implementation of AI. The idea is that this set of specialized functions will help to optimize efficiency in all areas and increase profits for Jake’s 58 Casino Hotel.

OTPX is recognized for providing an end-to-end solution for slot machine entry, marketing and campaigns, player development, and AI. Through mobile or desktop applications, AI is responsible for using data to provide real-time, individualized information and actionable recommendations to casino operators, ensuring that no actionable player is lost. As a result, teams have much more time to spend on other strategies that increase guest visits, revenue, and profitability.