Artificial intelligence continues to find a place in all facets of iGaming operations

Lady Luck Games’ business will now find an improvement thanks to the arrival of artificial intelligence (AI). In order to achieve that, it has formed a partnership with Future Anthem in an effort to gain insight into customer behavior and improve the player experience.

With the help of its Amplifier AI platform, Future Anthem is able to offer gaming operators the ability to optimize all aspects of their performance, which is achieved through data-driven optimization and analytics. The technology and innovation company claims that its software has the ability to analyze every bet that is placed through the system. As a result of that process, it is possible for the operator to learn and improve the customer experience over time.

“Lady Luck Games is well known for building engaging games for its players – we’re excited to help them on the next step in the journey,” Future Anthem CEO Leigh Nissim commented. “Amplifier AI will enable the company to take advantage of the latest generation of AI to build data-driven titles that improve the player experience whilst optimizing performance across its customers.”

Amplifier AI has started to become quite relevant in the gaming world as it is able to provide clear insights into player and game behaviors. In addition, its various applications have been very helpful in optimizing game launches across all player segmentations and territories, performing in-depth game analysis and suggesting improvements, as well as implementing learning points for future reference. Lady Luck Games joins Raw iGaming, Betfred, Big Time Gaming and Bally’s Gamesys, which have also relied on Future Anthem’s software to enhance their business model.