Netwatch has teamed up with Avigilon to introduced enhanced physical security options

While it is true that casinos are places where many visitors go to have a night of fun, security is a fundamental factor. Through a system like this, monitoring officers could have an easier time detecting any anomaly that goes against the policies of the place, or when a crime is being committed. Surveillance is always a concern, and a new solution based on artificial intelligence (AI) from Netwatch and Avigilon is going to give land-based casinos a suite of tools that will allow them to enhance their security operations.

A partnership such as the one between Netwatch North America, a leader in proactive video monitoring solutions, and Avigilon, a company specializing in the design and manufacture of artificial intelligence (AI)-driven video analytics and network video management software and hardware, could prove to be a boon for the gaming industry and land-based casinos and their security system. Through this partnership, Netwatch’s engineered platform for proactive video monitoring will be coupled with video management and analytics software that works under the Avigilon Control Center.

Netwatch is recognized as a leader in proactive video monitoring, which is used to detect perimeter intrusion or loitering and intervenes to protect the property of casinos that choose to use its services. The crime rate in casinos, whether outside or inside the facility, has been steadily increasing. Everything from robberies to murders is part of these unfortunate incidents; however, with the help of AI in systems such as those offered by Netwatch, this could be better monitored and even prevented.

“[Avigilon’s] world-class video management solutions and advanced AI-enabled user interface, coupled with our leading proactive video monitoring solution, will make for a winning combination to help protect our customers and their businesses against crime and vandalism,” said Justin Wilmas, president of Netwatch North America.