Within the trend of increasing volume and complexity of incidents within casinos, artificial intelligence (AI) is helping the different surveillance agents to carry out their work in a more efficient way, which makes the gambling industry in Latin America feel more at ease.

New DICE Corporation is known for its innovative technology and is now bringing an AI-based platform to the gambling industry in Latin America. Casinos in this area will now be able to take a revolutionary approach when it comes to video monitoring and alarms, and this will definitely give the growing gaming industry security that will change everything for the better.

The idea is to introduce AI-based software to enable advanced, interactive video monitoring services, which casino operators will be able to make use of to take their security to the next level. Cameras will be able to recognize participants in a fight, prevent potential robberies, or even monitor a specific area of the casino for unusual behavior. The use of AI to assess situations such as these can trigger systems to alert the police, allowing for a real-time reaction when necessary.

DICE has always been a global company, and, after having achieved great success in the northern part of the continent, it now wants to focus on casinos in Latin America, especially after knowing that the rate of incidents, including robberies, assaults and violence, is higher in this region.

The AI, once integrated into the structure of casino security forces, would be managed by humans and “educated” over the long term in order to analyze thousands of video streams – generated from CCTV to security devices such as IDs or smart locks.