The company is using cutting-edge technology and innovation to advance iGaming

Combining blockchain technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and gaming to deliver a metaverse experience is one of Lucida’s big propositions. The company that is keeping up with the digital society revolution has unveiled its recent Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with Binance on the Binance Live app, generating a great deal of intrigue within the cryptocurrency and gaming communities, including online casinos.

Adel Khatib, CEO of Lucidia, discussed the platform’s unique approach to generating both an immersive and dynamic gaming experience. Thanks to this development, online casino users will be able to enjoy a sustainable and profitable ecosystem. Thanks to the Lucida touch, players will have the opportunity to perform in-game transactions, including the purchase of tickets, game assets and profile enhancements.

All those who are token holders will also be able to receive exclusive benefits planned by the team, ranging from VIP access to chat with the development team to entry to the VIP area of the map. Through Lucidia’s AI infrastructure and AI NFTs (non-fungible tokens), players from different online casinos will be able to enjoy a personalized and immersive experience, providing endless possibilities for those interested in the iGaming market.

Users, through the platform’s advanced customization tools, will be able to create their own avatar and virtual space, giving them total control over their digital experience and feeling as if they were inside a physical casino. This next-generation metaverse will empower users, creating a sustainable and profitable ecosystem with a positive impact on the world.