Artificial intelligence and next-generation technology are permeating land-based casinos

Workforce and visitor safety is being improved in the casino industry thanks to the various innovative tools provided by artificial intelligence (AI). M Resort Spa Casino is one of the latest to jump on this trend, introducing the AI-based Knightscope security robot.

M Resort Spa Casino, a PENN Entertainment property and the official home hotel of the Los Vegas Raiders, has signed up for services provided by the leading developer of autonomous security robots and blue light emergency communication systems, Knightscope. Knightscope has introduced another successful implementation of its K5 autonomous security robot (ASR) at the resort, a way that, according to Patrick Durkin, VP of marketing for M Resort, will enhance and elevate the guest experience.

“M-Bot is a welcome addition to the security team as it helps provide guest assistance, peace of mind, and security for our guests and staff,” adds Durkin. The K5 will be responsible for patrolling the resort’s garage and parking lots, properly identified as an employee. Guests are greeted by a friendly voice while promoting the brand and providing extra ears and eyes for the security team.

In order to enhance the safety of visitors and workers, the M-Bot, as many on staff affectionately call it, also offers a two-way communication system. M-Bot provides some relief to the human guards needed to patrol in the scorching heat of Las Vegas.

“There’s a good reason Knightscope security robots have been seen in so many casinos across the country,” said William Santana Li, president and CEO of Knightscope. “Entertainment and gaming professionals recognize the importance of technology in managing positive customer relationships and ensuring an experience with the highest levels of security.”