AI-based tools are making it easier for regulators and authorities to offer assistance

The market for online and mobile gaming operators is in constant evolution and changing at a rapid pace. The growing popularity of new technologies like augmented and virtual reality has most operators working hard on bringing technological innovations to attract and retain customers. However, new spaces will also lead to further issues that will require new solutions, like the imminent risk that represents more people having internet-connected devices and increased accessibility. Currently, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are helping casinos tackle a few of those new concerns, particularly, the identification of problems with gambling.

Because online casinos are now available to many more people and different age groups like young adults, there is a constant risk of people developing addictions to gambling if the right protections are not in place, especially with minors. The problem with identifying minors when gambling is that they will use other resources like using their parents’ ID to gain access, which is something AI can help with. Based on data collected by the usual behavior of people within the same age group, even aspects like keystroke analysis can be considered to determine if the individual behind the device is acting as expected, according to the age group. So, if an AI machine spots irregular behavior, it can stop the process in order to request additional verification steps.

Another aspect in which AI is helping casinos is to protect vulnerable customers, which is something that can’t be ignored by businesses with serious intentions to follow responsible gambling norms. Those customers fall in those categories of people who are using credit to cover the cost of their living expenses and who are defined as being in persistent debt. By using data from other sources, operators can see data on each individual’s ability to afford products on a recurrent basis, which would help them make smarter decisions regarding what kind of services offer to their customers, offers that won’t help worsened the financial crisis they might be in.