The state has turned to Jada Gaming to provide responsible gaming solutions based on AI

Michigan is a forerunner in the development of robust online gaming and is helping set the stage for how other states could introduce their own markets. As it continues to progress, Michigan is turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to help provide a safer gaming environment. It has turned to Jada Gaming to assist with those efforts, relying on the company’s AI-based responsible gaming solutions to allow the state to offer an enhanced user experience at its online casinos and sportsbooks.

Jada, which is based in Spain, uses AI to provide responsible gaming alternatives and to create a better user experience. It relies on AI’s data analysis skills to analyze millions of lines of data from player activity, while maintaining complete anonymity, in order to offer better products and bonuses based on player performances. Operators who use the platform are also able to see what is attracting users and what needs to be addressed to offer a more secure online gaming experience.

Explains Jada co-founder Josh Jones, “We use analytics to improve the gaming industry. We’re exploring ways to use AI to assist with responsible gaming, to recommend games, to see which games are most profitable. We [now have] an end-to-end platform to solve the problems for operators, [as well as] to see the information and visualize it.”

The Jada system can also identify patterns that might be indicative of problem gaming, including an increase in gambling during certain times of the day or erratic betting. Based on its analysis, Jada can then provide messages to the users to remind them of the benefits of responsible gaming. Adds Jones, “We have an emphasis on responsible gambling. We can predict, based on AI, whether someone will be a problem gambler or not. With increased AI, we need to put an emphasis on responsible gambling.”