The AI technology is a strong ally of the iGaming space

Gambling and gaming have benefited from the various achievements that artificial intelligence (AI) has made on online platforms, especially when it comes to player protection. A host of authorities are becoming increasingly strict about customer safety, and that has caused the North American iGaming sector to expand rapidly, Mindway AI’s business development manager, Paula Murphy, gave her take on how the emerging technology can change the rules of the game the industry needs during a recent interview.

Murphy took on the task of addressing Mindway AI’s operational approach and how it offers its solutions to the operators it has recently worked with. She explained that the firm proposes to “see all customers as partners.”

According to a number of experts in the market, AI technology has great benefits, essentially when it comes to “training” the technology to adapt to different environments. As a result, companies can tailor their service to the specific needs of their operator customers, which vary across different user bases.

Murphy continued: “The solutions we offer, GameScanner and Gamalyze, are not off-the-shelf systems and, as such, operators can work with us and tailor them to suit their requirements. We are currently working with operators in over 20 jurisdictions. You get very different cultural environments in Brazil than in Denmark, for example.”

Mindway AI has also made it clear that one of its main goals is versatility, which applies not only to the vast online markets but also to physical casinos and a host of bookmakers. According to Murphy, this flexibility is also being applied to emerging technology. While Mindway AI has a history of working with a large number of operators, one of the firm’s most notable partnerships to date has been with damage-minimization consultancy EPIC Risk Management.