The artificial intelligence solution is coming to protect users of online lottery provider ZEAL

Security in the iGaming industry has never and will never cease to be paramount. It is undoubtedly one of the factors that distinguishes the competition, and that is why every online casino operator seeks to have in their hands the best possible technology to take a great advantage. Online lottery games provider, ZEAL Network SE, has come to change the game and that is why it has taken a decisive step to ensure that its customers are always protected by partnering with Mindway AI.

As its name suggests, the firm is responsible for using powerful artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms sufficient to analyze a range of consumer data and ensure that they are kept safe from any security risks. ZEAL has not hesitated to go on the offensive to provide customer protection efforts. Mindway AI particularly works with sportsbooks and online casinos that aim to help players avoid inflicting gambling-related pain.

As a result of this joining of forces, ZEAL now has the ability to use algorithms to ensure that it understands consumer behavior properly. Through these algorithms, it will create individual profiles for players on the platform while observing trends of relevance. This includes how much each player tends to spend when they play, and whether their sessions go on for hours at a time.

Mindway AI and its innovative software are capable of producing millions of micro-reports in real-time, which is essential against gambling-related damage. The system’s intelligence is high enough to detect players who may be experiencing early symptoms of gambling addiction or who are at risk of developing this condition. As a result, operators can act preventively and quickly to ensure a safe and sustainable gaming environment.