Kubernetes plays a major role in helping iGaming developers enhance AI-based gaming options

Artificial intelligence (AI) is now an integral part of iGaming platform development, but being able to enhance those platforms can be challenging. iGaming IT professionals have assistance through Kubernetes, which allows them to test AI models, as well as to improve the platforms’ storage and infrastructure. As AI becomes more prevalent in online gaming, Kubernetes continues to gain more ground and provide solutions to an increasing number of operators.

A survey conducted by Portworx found that 68% of IT professionals had increased their usage of Kubernetes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Much of this was primarily to accelerate the deployment of new applications and increase the use of automation, both of which are needed to deliver solutions to customers and employees where they are today. Software development professionals are increasingly leveraging Kubernetes to develop and test AI models, as well as manage and automate storage, network and infrastructure for gaming platforms.

Just short of 75% of IT professionals acknowledge that the top benefit of adopting Kubernetes is the ability to deploy new apps more quickly, followed by supporting program areas that need to evolve, supporting changes in business strategy and helping increase revenue or profits. 46% of those surveyed said they increased their use of Kubernetes last year to help reduce IT costs and, of those, 27% expected to reduce IT costs by 31% or more.

“Kubernetes adoption is continuing to grow as an essential strategy to capitalize on modern data and applications. With its easy scalability, portability, and fast iteration cycle, the technology is the most effective way to enable rapid developments and innovation,” asserts GM Cloud Native Business Unit Pure Storage VP Murli Thirumale.