Artificial intelligence-based network protection is a better option for iGaming operators

The era of the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) means that physical and information technology (IT) security are no longer separate domains. Instead, everything is connected, and security leadership, teams, capabilities and technologies need to converge to navigate the changing risk landscape. Many casinos today manage some of the major risks through the convergence of networks and security. Much of this is made possible by the arrival of AI.

As organizations have moved forward in their digital transformation, innovative technologies such as IoT and AI have blurred the lines between physical security and cybersecurity. With AI, misconfigurations and human error can be avoided, something that is still common even with the most talent available.

As the complexity and number of tools in a casino increase, the ability to apply new technologies has become imperative. With different IT teams looking to transform their network, many have relied on AI-based solutions to prevent errors. They have a more robust configuration capable of withstanding any external attack.

In terms of technology, integrating physical and IT security monitoring into a single dashboard helps to drastically reduce the risk of a breach and mitigate the impacts should it occur. For example, by mapping cyber and physical threats together, a unified dashboard is able to detect anomalies more quickly and identify where the threat originated based on an unidentified device on the network, unauthorized access to a device or physical space, or other threat indicators.

By using data analytics platforms, intelligent video solutions, AI-based security algorithms, and similar innovative technologies, organizations can detect security threats in physical and IT domains in near real-time. In addition, false positives can be minimized, saving more time and resources and speeding up security responses.