Honey Badger’s AI-based fraud protection can provide advanced authentication security

Honey Badger, a fraud prevention platform, knows how important protection is in the iGaming industry. That is why it has now decided to design an easy way to authenticate people, based on machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). The innovative user authentication approach has been developed to function as an easy-to-use and secure alternative when it comes to the authentication process. Traditional methods simply ask user-generated security questions, but that is not entirely effective.

Honey Badger and its department of fraud experts have taken on the task of inventing a technology that uses AI to find player-derived information. The system then performs a test based on that information so that the player’s identity in the online casino is verified more securely and quickly.

Gone are the days when the user has to enter personal information that many fraud experts will be able to deduce. Now, the AI-based system will be able to collect information automatically using relevant data such as the user’s profile, geographical details or background information.

The process of filling out questions that only the user is supposed to know is rather slow and tedious, not to mention that because it is so common, it is susceptible to being exploited by online fraudsters and fraudsters. Honey Badger uses AI to automatically acquire contextual information about the user, without the need to ask for it.

So-called geographic authentication is one of the most important aspects of this novel approach. Many fraudsters operate from overseas, so they cannot answer questions based on such a factor.

Without in-depth knowledge of the area, even the most sophisticated Internet fraudsters cannot pass the AI-generated authentication test. There is no doubt that iGaming operators have a sophisticated tool to keep their players protected.