From thermal imaging to facial recognition, AI-based biometrics is expanding in the casino space

In recent years, access control technologies are using biometric features, such as fingerprint and facial recognition capabilities, which are widely seen in devices for daily use like smartphones. From there, the technology has continued to be upgraded by adding other biometric measurements like body-temperature scanning sensors that are now helping different companies to identify those people with a fever – one of the most common symptoms of COVID-19. The gambling industry, which struggles every day with the heavy restrictions imposed in response to the pandemic, is taking full advantage of a new artificial intelligence (AI)-based biometric facial recognition access management kiosk that has a thermal imaging component to detect COVID-19 symptoms in visitors and employees.

The product was presented by Janam Technologies, and it claims that the GT2 product is very easy to implement and can read temperatures within 0.9 degrees Fahrenheit in less than a second from up to 20 inches away, which is impressive. These kiosks, located outside the venue entrance, will alert the operator through a voice alert and a siren if a person with a fever is detected. To adapt to the current requirement of wearing facemasks, this AI machine also has an optional mask detection mode, which can be used to deny access to those who are not complying with the established protocols. The data collected by this facial recognition tool can be logged into human resources systems as it is easy to integrate with other platforms. In addition to this service, users can also interact with the kiosk through its Android-powered seven-inch touchscreen.

Besides land-based casinos, this product can find a place in sports and live entertainment venues, restaurants, sportsbooks, racetracks and many more industries. “As someone whose business for the past two decades revolved around the gathering of people, I made it my mission to provide a prevention tool to help business owners — from restaurants to corporate office lobbies and residential buildings to event venues — rebuild and enter this new reality with confidence,” said Bruce Pike, an events industry veteran and founder of the company.