Innovation in artificial intelligence continues to deliver enhancements for iGaming companies

Artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots are an extraordinary evolution in customer service automation and are taking all the possibilities of this software one step further. The application of conversational AI enables iGaming operators to deliver a personalized user experience that generates more conversions and builds loyalty. In addition, the AI bot is an essential asset for any digital transformation because of its ability to collect and analyze data generated from customer interactions. AimeFluent appears to be one of the most recent chatbot services to hit the market.

AimeFluent is an asset that gives non-player characters (NPCs) the ability to respond to any text input from players automatically. Through this new AI-based platform, game developers can include conversational NPCs, which can be a great tool in different online casino games. While not specifically targeting the iGaming industry, it shows the capabilities that AI can deliver.

NPCs are known as game characters that are integrated into many development platforms. These characters are controlled by means of scripts, and their behaviors are usually adapted to the conditions of the game they are implemented in.

AimeFluent is a natural language understanding and chatbot platform in the AI software ecosystem. Based on the rules of the game and the conditions of the environment, AimeFluent has the ability to answer different questions from users.

Chatbots like this provide a tool capable of dealing with more complex conversational situations and updating itself more quickly and easily. In other words, it better understands the user with whom it converses and can adapt to their needs. Thus, it avoids the rigidity of the simpler chatbots developed so far and is able to offer personalized help to each user, multiplying conversions and loyalty.