FortiGate’s latest AI security product can offer increased protection for online casinos

Fortinet announced the launch of the cloud-native FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall (FortiGate CNF) on Amazon Web Services (AWS), an enterprise-grade next-generation firewall service designed specifically for AWS environments. The global leader in comprehensive, integrated, and automated cybersecurity solutions is looking to provide more tools for industries like iGaming to further protect themselves from the potential threats they deal with on a daily basis. Once again, artificial intelligence (AI) comes to the rescue when it comes to cybersecurity issues.

FortiGate CNF incorporates FortiGuard’s AI-powered security services for real-time detection and protection against internal and external threats. It is also capable of creating an end-to-end experience across AWS and on-premises environments.

By migrating Fortinet’s network security infrastructure management using FortiGate CNF, online casinos can focus more on their core competencies. As a result, they can deploy effective security policies to protect the applications and data critical to their platform.

“Organizations that are accelerating their cloud adoption may not have the resources or time to build, scale or adapt their cloud security to meet the pace of their business,” said John Maddison, executive VP of products and CMO at Fortinet. “As a managed next-generation firewall service, FortiGate CNF removes the heavy lifting around network security operations and provides a frictionless experience to help customers easily deploy best-in-class security on the cloud.”

Natively compatible with services provided by AWS and now available in the AWS Marketplace, FortiGate CNF is able to give iGaming operators immediate access to FortiGuard’s AI-powered security services. With these shields, they can get enterprise-grade protection, including DNS filtering, IPS, URL filtering, application control, and other FortiGuard security services that iGaming operators rely on.