BetPARX is incorporating a new AI solution to give its users more entertainment

BetPARX is known for being one of the leading online sports betting and casino applications in Pennsylvania. In an effort to continue to be recognized for its high quality, the platform has now announced the launch of a new tab called SPARX. This new AI-based feature, developed with the help of technology company, offers personalized betting options for users.

The SVP of iGaming and sports at BetPARX, Matthew Cullen, said in a statement that the option could be seen as the Instagram, Spotify or even the Netflix of sports betting. He added, “This is the norm that does not exist in the sports betting space, and we are ecstatic to deliver this first-of-its-kind betting-specific experience to our users.”

The company made it clear that this new feature will serve as a way for users of the app to have the opportunity to access a personalized area. This section will be modified thanks to AI analytics models, which will be in charge of collecting the preferences of individual users. As if that were not enough, the company said it also plans to employ’s On4Me rights service.

One4Me also relies on AI technology in order to determine which sports are available for specific users to watch live. “We are delighted that PARX has selected to develop the SPARX feature,” said Jason Angelides, COO of

The Keystone State-based online casino is also working on a second new feature that will soon arrive to continue to meet user needs. The company said a few months ago that it would add TV detection software to its sports betting application.

According to the report, this software will have similar functionality to that of “Shazam” by identifying which games the user is watching. After starting to use it, the software will be responsible for delivering personalized content and offers related to the game the user is watching on TV.