Kount’s latest AI innovation can help the gaming space increase its payments stability

Traditional online ID and payment practices have quickly become obsolete between new government laws, increased security threats due to fraud, and growing consumer pressure for a better customer experience. To address these challenges, the iGaming industry has turned to digital transformation to maintain its competitive edge on all fronts and has been an early adopter to elevate its security. A new artificial intelligence (AI)-based identity and payments platform launched by Kount may be the solution to many problems.

Kount, an Equifax company, has unveiled an innovative identity and payments platform called Kount 360, which will be powered by Equifax Cloud. This tool will be responsible for implementing a wide range of Kount products on a single platform and user interface. The goal of this is to enable businesses such as online casinos to prevent digital fraud more effectively.

iGaming operators who choose to obtain the services of this platform will also be able to achieve operational efficiencies by eliminating the requirement to manage different point solutions. This significantly minimizes traditional account takeover scams, further addressing cross-merchant card manipulation and testing. It also offers password-less authentication and reusable identities are some of the benefits that many online casinos will be able to get their hands on.

It is well known that identifying and resolving personally identifiable information (PII) cycle card testing attacks can be a difficult task. Still, thanks to Kount’s AI-based platform, this task is achieved immediately and in real-time. Such an approach paves the way for reducing fraudulent activity and helps iGaming operators reduce false positives by up to another 20%.