Analytics startup Yagle has developed an AI marketing tool that can give casinos better consumer insight

A new marketing tool developed by analytics startup Yagle looks to alter the marketing paradigm. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the basis upon which all better data analytics is built, and Yagle believes it has a “fast and effective” solution to increase digital media assessment. Online casinos could potentially benefit greatly from this option, given the need to always explore new ways to engage consumers.

Yagle’s marketing solution is able to automatically optimize for campaign goals, conversions, traffic and awareness. It studies the best marketing channels for media buying campaigns in order to deliver to the operator the optimum solution for their marketing dollars. According to Yagle, it is able to cover “90% of the biddable universe of advertising programs.”

The tool uses available and incoming marketing data to create insights, which are then delivered to decision-makers, along with suggested media opportunities that may have previously not been explored. Yagle has developed the solution to be onboarded and integrated easily into any tech stack, allowing casino marketers to get enhanced marketing ideas with less ramp-up.

Adds Alena Panshina, the company’s CEO and product manager, “We are excited to roll out our groundbreaking new tool as we close our Beta testing phase. A great feature of our product is that campaign data from a six-month period can be processed and analyzed in just six minutes of work with our new tool—with no manual labor needed. You can even compare your current campaigns with general benchmarks such as aggregated historical data from all users.”