The security devices can reportedly scan ten times faster than conventional metal detectors

One issue with land-based casinos is that they deal with a lot of cash. There has been no shortage of individuals looking for a get-rich scheme by trying to rob casinos, and there was even a well-known movie franchise created around the idea. No one likes the idea of having to go through security to enter a casino, as it also gives the impression of the property not providing a safe atmosphere. However, the reality is that casinos have to protect their assets and their guests, and security measures are necessary. The idea of installing metal detectors is one that would never be welcomed, however, because of their appearance and the delays they cause getting onto the gambling floor. Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) has arrived that might make the security process simpler and faster, and which would ultimately make casinos safer.

AI has been incorporated into an innovative metal detector solution that has already started to be seen in public use. Disneyland in California and Wynn Las Vegas have trialed the device, and it apparently lived up to the hype. The AI-based Evolv Express can reportedly scan up to 3,600 people per hour, which is about ten times faster than conventional metal detectors. At that speed, individuals could essentially walk into a casino without any noticeable delay.

The Evolv Express uses AI software to find guns or other weapons. There’s no need to empty out the pockets, take off shoes or let someone rummage around in a purse – the contactless system makes the entire process easier and painless. As a bonus, there is a thermal imaging add-on that can be used to detect things like COVID-19, making it an even better solution for properties, like casinos, that typically have large crowds.