Artificial intelligence is making it easier to track payments and accounting

The incorporation of technological tools and changes in consumer expectations have changed payment services. Today, thanks to technology, it is possible to make physical and digital payments through credit or debit cards, transfers, platforms, payment gateways, or even QR codes. This being the case, companies such as Plaid have developed an ecosystem of payment partners aimed at offering account-to-account (A2A) financial transactions with the intention of making them secure and seamless movements. To achieve this, it has borrowed the help of artificial intelligence (AI), which indicates that it could be a perfect opportunity for the gaming industry to have a better handle on their accounts and the vast transactions they perform on a daily basis.

In an effort to stay ahead of the changing payments environment, Plaid is making every effort to help casino operators, regardless of size, take advantage of the A2A payments opportunity, regardless of their technical capabilities. While it is true that account-based payments are not new, the industry is still far from realizing its full potential. Thanks to the implementation of AI in these services, it can be achieved in an effective way and both online and land-based casinos will be able to enjoy its full benefits.

“Plaid is building an account-based payments ecosystem as flexible and fluid as this burgeoning opportunity,” Williamson said in a post about the solution. “As the technology and consumer adoption evolve, so will Plaid and our partner ecosystem.”

The major benefit is not only to expose fraudulent payments and prevent transactions that may be illegal but also to enable the approval of genuine payments, which brings significant benefits to all, as well as a safer and smoother online and/or physical payment experience.