Artificial intelligence continues to make headway in creating more secure payment solutions

Fast Onboarding is a new service brought to you by the platform that makes it easier for merchants to accept payments called Cashflows. The artificial intelligence (AI)-based tool is able to reduce the time it takes for a merchant to be onboarded, either through a partner or directly. This could be a game changer for the iGaming industry, making the process as easy and streamlined as possible without cutting compliance or sacrificing KYC and AML metrics.

Thanks to Fast Onboarding, online casinos will be able to eliminate the administrative burden for customers and partners through a more stable process. The new service, combined with AI, offers automated bank validation and auto-completes data from official sources as far as possible, with human intervention when necessary.

According to a study conducted by the technology firm, a large number of merchants want a faster and more transparent onboarding process. That’s what Fast Onboarding wants to implement, and the iGaming industry is not looking to miss the opportunity.

The platform will allow 80% of applications to be approved in less than 24 hours, driving consistent and quick decisions on applications. Thanks to features such as these, iGaming operators will be able to realize a greater ability to process leads at scale, enabling rapid and sustainable business growth, and direct players can start receiving payouts more quickly.

“Having the ability to track the different stages of customer applications in real-time has been very helpful for us to manage expectations,” Matt Griffiths, Sales Manager of Wireless Terminal Solutions said. “It’s great to see how quickly applications are processed through Fast Onboarding, streamlining and adding even more transparency to the process.”