Avast has developed a stronger AI-based cyber defense solution to block ransomware

Being well protected online is essential these days. Hackers and malware are becoming more and more common, especially when it comes to the iGaming industry. That is why if there is one type of essential software that many operators need on their servers, it is one provided by Avast. Avast is aware of the global increase in ransomware attacks, and that is why it has announced the launch of a new Ransomware Shield for businesses, essential for online casinos to keep their networks protected.

The ransomware attacks businesses and individuals. It hijacks computers, encrypts files, and demands ransoms in exchange for their release. It has undoubtedly become a cybersecurity nightmare. To help in the fight against this threat, Avast has created Ransomware Shield, a shield aimed specifically at the corporate environment that can be used by many operators in the iGaming market.

It is a feature available as part of the Avast Essential, Premium, and Ultimate Business Security packages for both Windows and macOS computers. This feature protects files and folders from being modified or deleted by unknown applications.

“Avast antivirus has always offered consumers and business users powerful protection against cyber threats, including ransomware, and this new ransomware shield provides an additional layer of protection specifically created to help protect businesses’ most crucial files against these damaging attacks,” said Filip Hlinka, VP of product, Avast Business.

iGaming operators will have the opportunity to choose which applications are allowed to access their files, thus securing the most important information for their business against unauthorized actions. The new feature is automatically enabled by default and operators can customize the list of protected files and folders in the policy in Avast Business Hub.