An app designed for horseracing gambling fans uses artificial intelligence to improve selections

Residents of Ontario are about to test a new sports wagering app that is empowered by artificial intelligence (AI). Woodbine Entertainment is about to unveil an entirely new experience in the gambling industry through its new app with the name of Dark Horse. This app is designed for horse racing enthusiasts from across the state, who will be able to place bets using the AI technology that has been integrated into the app. The app is intended to work for both Woodbine Racetrack and Woodbine Mohawk Park as soon as the live racing action returns to their premises.

According to the company’s projections, Dark Horse will engage many people that are going to be drawn by the diverse wagering it provides, which at the same time will draw more attention to Thoroughbred and Standardbred live racing. For Jim Lawson, CEO of Woodbine Entertainment, this new app is meant to be a pioneer not only in the horse racing sector, but in the whole betting ecosystem, as well. It will change the way in which individuals approach betting on future live events.

With the help of AI, horse racing customers would take betting to another level, by experiencing wagers that can be done with a lot more information. The technology used predicts probable outcomes based on previous performances of the horses. AI also has the ability to continue improving learning from experiences and players themselves by applying a prediction strategy evaluating past races.

Through a very user-friendly interface that welcomes the player, it offers easy access to explore and see all the bets that are available. Dark Horse uses three different theoretical models for information accumulation, which improves its predictions. Even if wagering on its own is a pari-mutuel, sometimes gamblers might feel like it brings fixed offs, according to Lawson. The possibilities offered by this app gives everyone an equal chance of winning big, making the new users feel like experienced players and achieve faster progress.