Invoca has introduced a new tool that makes using data even easier

Invoca, the leader in conversational intelligence for revenue teams, announced during its seventh annual Invoca Summit conference the implementation of new capabilities to help clients capture and take real-time action on their conversational data. Such news comes to sweeten the ears of the iGaming industry as it looks to drive revenue through artificial intelligence (AI)-based conversational data.

Through these new features, gaming operators will now be able to opt for improved processes, including Lost Services Recovery. With the use of AI, lost service opportunities can be detected when players trying to communicate with customer service are unable to do so successfully. There are many online casinos today that receive calls from prospects looking to find out what services are offered on the platform, but sometimes these leads are lost. With Lost Services Recovery, gaming operators can create follow-up strategies to recover lost customer opportunities, such as a digital campaign or a return phone call.

Also included is Global Transcript Search, which, similar to Google’s search capabilities, allows marketers experts to find all conversational data at once. Through this, they can gain extensive insight into what the player’s experience was like using the platform, and in turn, review mentions of specific competitors or particular offers.

This demonstrates once again how AI can be used to further develop conversational data, which at the end of the day, ends up being a great opportunity for the iGaming industry to continue to make huge revenues.