DigitalMR has introduced a new data solution that can help casino operators interpret data

DigitalMR has introduced an innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform that can provide casino operators with invaluable insights from the multitude of unstructured data provided through customer interactions. It is able to take advantage of both internal and external source types, providing a broad analysis of information that can help the operators improve their back-end and customer-facing activity.

Listening247 is already being used by several top-tier companies and successfully adds accurate, actionable and timely intelligence to any source of data, including text, audio, images and other visual content published online. It can assist casino operators in making strategic sales, marketing and operational decisions. It is reportedly the only customer experience measurement tool on the market that gives a mechanism to companies that allows them to integrate text to produce insightful analysis from unstructured data in a matter of hours. Able to be configured for any of a number of languages, it is a robust solution with a variety of options.

Michalis Michael, CEO of DigitalMR, explains, “By using listening247, any business or organization can gain real and consistent data into what their target audience are talking about, what they think and feel and how they view and engage with their brand – enabling them to make informed and meaningful decisions as a result. This isn’t possible with just structured data like web traffic or via survey-based market research and is something both we as a business and the clients we work with are very excited about.”