Artificial intelligence-based marketing continues to gain ground as a cost-effective option for gaming operators

Wishpond Technologies Ltd., a provider marketing-focused online solutions, is introducing Braxy, an AI-powered advertising platform for businesses. Braxy automatically creates and optimizes ads to help businesses like online gaming operators attract more customers in a shorter time. It can be used by businesses to target customers who are more likely to purchase their products or services. Braxy will give businesses a better chance of achieving results than managing Google ads by themselves and for a fraction of what it costs to hire a full-service agency.

Small and medium-sized companies often have to choose between learning how to advertise themselves, spending hours on Google’s complicated interface, or paying an agency to do it. Braxy addresses this problem by making it easy for businesses to set up their accounts. Businesses can do so in just 10 minutes with a low-cost software subscription.

Braxy’s AI helps to improve targeting, select new keywords/negative keywords and set schedules. It also launches new ads. This is all visible on an easy-to-read dashboard that shows the number of views, calls, and conversions in real-time. Braxy’s click-through rate is 8%, compared to the industry average of 2%.

Ali Tajskandar, the CEO and founder of Wishpond, said, “The launch of Braxy is a significant milestone for Wishpond as it represents an important new product introduction from a Wishpond acquisition. This launch also further validates our M&A strategy and serves as another indicator of the success of our tuck-in acquisitions. Furthermore, we are very happy with the Brax team and look forward to seeing their continued success as we grow the business.”

Wishpond will start cross-selling Braxy with its existing base of over 4,000 customers. It believes its customers can use this solution together with other Wishpond online advertising solutions to increase conversions.