Artificial intelligence offers stronger tools to ensure operators conform to regulations

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are currently being used in iGaming-related companies to transform business processes, drive customer interaction, improve decision making and increase employee productivity. One of the most difficult challenges for organizations is meeting increasingly stringent compliance regulations, but new ways to address this are emerging, thanks to AI. To that end, Smarsh, a leading AI and compliance company, has unveiled the latest version of the Smarsh Enterprise Platform.

Through this platform, iGaming operators will now be able to meet the unique needs of compliance programs across the board. To achieve this, the Smarsh initiative will provide centralized management and governance across all communication channels, including social media, email, instant messaging and even voice.

Through the latest version of the Smarsh Enterprise platform, online casinos have support for more than 100 types of communication at their disposal, reducing retention costs through intelligent data management. As if that weren’t enough, it also offers iGaming industry-leading cloud encryption for a higher level of data security than on-premise solutions.

Global compliance programs are under great pressure. This is especially true as online casinos become more global as they face the challenge of complying with ever-changing regulations in multiple geographies. Thanks to AI, operators of these platforms can gather the necessary information in order to properly comply with regulations.

Smarsh offers a comprehensive platform that enables compliance programs to quickly detect regulatory and reputational risks proactively. If operators in the iGaming market achieve this, they will build even greater trust with their own users.