Symplify adds new AI tools to its CRM platform that enhances CX initiatives

Stockholm-based cloud services firm Symplify has made some improvements to its CRM ecosystem through artificial intelligence (AI)-powered hyper-personalization and recommendation software. Symplify, by incorporating this powerful application, ensures that operators in the iGaming market have access to the most relevant data immediately, which could result in improved customer retention and experience.

As the company’s self-explanatory name implies, the leading brand of cloud-based CRM, CRO, and AI solutions has arrived to simplify the business needs of many iGaming operators. The company’s main mission is to help partners, especially those focused on online gaming, to improve customer acquisition, focus on revenue and reduce workload significantly.

By being able to access customer behavior and historical data, the new AI-powered solution has the ability to organize the data in a way that presents the most important content to the operator. Combining on-site graphical optimization and AI’s product recommendation engine, Symplify’s intuitive software is a tool that delivers an authentic customer experience and increased retention.

“Symplify’s AI-powered recommendation engine revolutionizes the way in which we can understand user behavior and positively adapt the website to make it as engaging as possible,” said Symplify’s CEO Robert Kimber. “Its algorithm continually optimizes display functionality to ensure customers receive a highly personalized experience that builds genuine long-term relationships.”

The solution, in addition to being ideal for organizing product pages that drive a propensity advantage for customers to view, also provides the necessary tools that enable graphical flexibility. This being the case, it is possible to test different design strategies which, at the end of the day, optimize the conversion rate on product recommendations already driven by AI.