Artificial intelligence-led autonomous security could be coming to more casinos

Artificial intelligence (AI)-driven robotics is becoming an essential tool for the security of many establishments today, and land-based casinos have not been excluded. Having finalized a new partnership with a Detroit-based company to expand AI-enabled devices, DK Security officials say they will be able to expand their offerings to increasingly security-conscious customers and businesses. Casinos will undoubtedly benefit from this.

The Kentwood-based security firm has partnered with Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD) to bring to life a new contracted distributor of RAD’s robotic products. Thanks to this new alliance, DK Security now has a smooth path to expand its services through better communication, improved surveillance, and more continuous operation.

The casino security department will always be a “critical solution” to ensure the well-being of all players. Johnny Kendall, director of marketing and business development for DK Security, believes that sometimes “a security solution goes beyond guard duty, and now, when we receive security requests, we can offer those other solutions.”

Many casinos will be interested to know that DK Security’s new robotics division includes robots like Rosa. This AI-powered surveillance camera features a 180-degree field of view that helps get a broader picture of everything going on in the gaming rooms.

Also released is Roameo, a 7-foot-tall patrolling security robot that weighs more than 700 pounds. Many casinos in the country have already opted for these services, so many operators will surely want to follow the trend and not fall behind the competition.