Marchex has developed a new marketing solution that facilitates brand interaction through AI

Marketing just received a major upgrade. Marchex, a publicly-traded conversational analytics and solutions company, has introduced a new marketing solution that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to make it easier for marketers to fulfill their goals. Marchex Marketing Edge (MME) facilitates the correlation between revenue-generating conversations and their specific marketing campaigns that use voice-driven alternatives to drive sales. This alternative could prove to provide huge benefits to casino operators, who are always looking for innovative ways to increase their customer bases.

MME is able to capture conversational data from phone calls, text messages and chats, which it then processes through AI to identify and classify the conversations. This will allow casinos to make more intelligent media purchases that can drive high-value conversions and increase a return on advertising expenses. It can also improve eCommerce conversion rates while, at the same time, improve the customer experience. A separate tool, Sales Edge Rescue, can be brought in when it looks like a sales deal is faltering.

Marchex Chairman and co-CEO Russell Horowitz asserts, “Accelerated by the hardships of COVID-19, today’s marketing and selling environment is creating many new challenges for winning and keeping customers, amplifying the need to break down barriers so that marketing and sales departments can work together more effectively to deliver improved customer experiences and outcomes for their business.”

He adds, “Marketing Edge enables businesses to stop wasting money on conversations that don’t create sales opportunities and to instead focus on those that do, and Sales Edge Rescue provides them with the tools needed to ensure that more qualified conversations are converted into sales.”