The Rank Group has introduced a new AI tool that can track player behavior better

London-listed gaming operator Rank Group has launched a new tool that it expects to make casino gambling safer. The real-time gambling monitoring tool, Hawkeye, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect changes in player behavior. It is part of the company’s continued development of safer gambling measures and follows the company’s efforts to quickly identify online customer behavior that might require intervention.

The Rank Group’s initiative focuses on high-velocity players who demonstrate sudden changes in gameplay and who may not be otherwise identified by safer gambling controls and thresholds already in use. Says Liam Smith, Rank Group’s Director of Customer Services, “We’ve made significant strides using artificial intelligence to power our propensity model which looks to identify potential gambling-related harm, and we’ve also refined our digital affordability framework to assess customers at every stage of their time with us, from registration, through to deposit and withdrawal.

The Hawkeye system has become part of Rank’s suite of safer gambling enhancements that has been introduced in recent years. It has begun to offer constant customer monitoring since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and has increased the number of employees dedicated to player protection. Hawkeye was inspired by similar solutions found with trading desks that are able to monitor all incoming transactions as they occur. Smith adds, “We’re well aware that this work will never be complete, but we’ve upped the pace of our innovation and deployment in terms of Safer Gambling and that can only be good for players in terms of delivering the optimal levels of protection.”