Advanced artificial intelligence is leading the charge in the fight against online attacks

The first step in establishing the best defense against a potential cyber-attack is to incorporate a solution that includes preventive monitoring user education. It is able to improve over time and learn from different patterns. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are constantly improving cybersecurity capabilities to the point where it could be argued that the next generation of defense relies heavily on these technologies. iGaming operators can now find a solution through Fortinet’s new AI-based network detection and response offering.

Yesterday the global leader in comprehensive, integrated and automated cybersecurity solutions unveiled FortiNDR, a new network detection and response offering that leverages AI capabilities in order to provide faster incident detection and accelerated threat response. The sheer number of cyber-attacks that online casinos receive today means that human staff are unable to prioritize and analyze all the alerts that are generated in an effective manner. This situation is getting worse and worse. FortiNDR comes to change the game.

Through this new platform, it offers network protection, detection and response throughout the entire lifecycle with the help of AI to detect signs of sophisticated cyber-attacks. Using AI’s self-learning capabilities, FortiNDR establishes sophisticated baselines of normal network activity for an organization while identifying deviations that may indicate cyber campaigns in progress.

FortiNDR can also detect compromised users and agentless devices. iGaming operators are aware that not all devices in an organization may have an endpoint detection and response agent installed to detect a compromise. This will be a problem of the past as FortiNDR is able to address the issue by deploying a dedicated network sensor to analyze traffic coming from all devices.