Junction AI and Hawke Media team up to offer an enhanced AI marketing solution

Marketing deals with every interaction between businesses and people and now the iGaming industry stands to benefit greatly with the partnership of international artificial intelligence (AI) company Junction AI and one of the fastest-growing digital marketing consultancies in the country, Hawke Media. The two have teamed up to encourage gaming operators to audit the return on investment (ROI) of their digital campaigns as is today’s top marketing recommendation.

The role of marketing today is to help achieve business goals by creating an increasingly intelligent, secure, and seamless customer experience. The gambling industry, through the implementation of AI, will now be able to get the information needed to understand what brands are currently achieving and what they could be achieving. The main objective behind this type of data evaluation is for a brand to be aware of the success it is achieving so that it can replicate that pattern over and over again to result in guaranteed success with continued growth in ROI.

“Hawke Media was built on the premise that there should be accessibility to great marketing for everyone, but that’s not always the case when working with certain agencies, which leaves brands disillusioned and wary of their expertise. This inspired [me] and Vance Reavie (CEO and founder of Junction AI) to challenge brands to dig deep into their own campaign ideas to hold these agencies accountable. If it doesn’t work, pivot,” explains Erik Huberman, CEO, and founder of Hawke Media.

A very feasible way to increase revenue and reduce inefficient spending in the betting industry is to understand what worked and why. The results provided by data that is driven by AI can enable gaming operators to make consistent decisions about who they spend their money with based on the objectivity of the data.