Online and live casinos are rapidly adopting AI technology to improve their operations

The online gaming market is growing at a fast pace and in response to a growing market, more companies are developing technological tools to better serve the industry. Innovative Technology (ITL) recently released an Application Programming Interface (API) alternative to its proprietary ICU Intelligent Identification device to help online gaming companies perform facial recognition and age estimation verifications by using artificial intelligence (AI). The company has developed this technology that uses the customer’s built-in cameras on the existing software to then run it through the ICU algorithm to intelligently identify users’ faces and estimate age.

The product has been launched specifically to serve online gaming websites that constantly deal with challenges identifying their users, often leading to identity theft and fraud issues. This new tool allows these online operators to use the ICU API to quickly identify and verify registered users. Referring to this new version of the facial recognition product, Dr. Andrew O’Brien, Product Manager for ICU said, “Implementing self-exclusion schemes in order to prevent and control underage gambling is vital for online gaming websites to encourage responsible gambling. In addition, with ICU API, loyalty, and VIP schemes can be managed to identify key customers to improve engagement.”

According to Andrew, in simple words, this API allows one software to talk to the other. “By implementing the API version of ICU organisations will be able to identify customers visiting their websites using facial recognition and age verification. Using ICU algorithms developed exclusively by ITL, this multi-application product is easy to use, simple to integrate, affordable and has 99.88% world-leading facial recognition accuracy,” added Andrew. This new product is also very compatible with existing cameras and software and it is quite simple to integrate with current tools used in the industry. “ICU API can also be used to help businesses through this difficult period as they find an increased level of homeworking provision due to the pandemic. ICU API can support efficient home working by controlling remote access to your organization’s servers via intelligent identification,” concluded Andrew.