It’s becoming increasingly easier to advance business operations with AI

Platform operators in the iGaming market will now have the opportunity to develop machine learning models in the most agile way thanks to ML Sense, a first and only no-code artificial intelligence (AI) platform. The launch was announced by Infosenseglobal, a technology firm that brings solutions to industries such as these.

The product is certainly out of the box, with more than 40 machine learning models ready to be implemented in the operations of different online casinos. In order to use it, specialists can ingest data from their local desktop or from various cloud sources in CSV or iGaming industry-standard formats.

Infosenseglobal CEO Hitesh Ruparelia believes that such a platform can be of great use to the iGaming area and its finance, marketing and even security teams. Through its unparalleled functionality, iGaming operators will be able to conduct rapid experimentation and achieve speeds never seen before.

One of the great advantages is that the community platform is 100% free, which means that its functions can be accessed without incurring any costs. Among its most significant functionalities are automatic feature selection and engineering, data transformation, scenario builder, hypothesis validation, etc. It should be noted that functions such as these would add a great competitive advantage, especially when it comes to existing products.

With ML Sense, online casinos are empowered to initiate and run ML programs without the need for technical staff such as engineers and data scientists. As a result, operators will have the ability to complete the program in days that would have taken weeks before. In addition, they would not need prior knowledge or experience in statistics, programming or advanced skills.