A Finnish gaming company has put together what could be the first set of policies for AI in iGaming

The online casino segment has rapidly embraced artificial intelligence (AI), incorporating its myriad of efficiencies and capabilities into all aspects of operations. However, there has been discussion about the use of AI in gaming, particularly, due to the lack of standardization and best-practice policies. This could be changing, though, as a gambling operator out of Finland, Veikkaus, has put together what might be the first set of guidelines for the use of AI in the online casino setting.

Like most online casino operators, Veikkaus uses AI for digital marketing, establishing odds, customer relations and more. The new guidelines it released target any AI company that wants to offer its services to the operator; however, they could serve as a template for other operators to adapt to their policies and procedures, as well. Veikkaus is setting the stage for the proper implementation of AI to enhance the customer experience and create better transparency, instead of using it to benefit a casino operator’s game development.

Veikkaus constantly evaluates and monitors how AI is implemented in order to ensure that it is always used responsibly. It also relies on a team of individuals to oversee AI applications and machine learning models to verify that all algorithms function according to company guidelines.

The operator adds, “The ethical principles of Veikkaus’ artificial intelligence cover both machine-learning artificial intelligence that learns independently from data and rule-based artificial intelligence that enables automation. We strive to provide a responsible gaming environment by identifying and responding to anomalous customer behavior.”