WAST can help casinos and other businesses improve their branding activity through influencers

IBM has been working on an artificial intelligence-based tool called Watson Advertising Social Targeting (Watson), which was described as “a new solution that harnesses artificial intelligence (AI) to help brands identify influencers that best align with their brand values.” The tech giant is using AI-powered social data to launch this marketing tool, which has been developed with the help of tech platform Influential, with the goal of revolutionizing the way in which companies, such as casinos, approach their customers and new audiences. This tool is dedicated to help companies work on their brand reputation and expand their reach, which can be useful for both land-based and online casinos.

“Brand reputation matters now more than ever. Using social media to help drive purchase consideration is important as brands implement influencer marketing strategies to establish real connections with consumers. Together with Influential, we’re building trust into the ecosystem by applying IBM Watson to help clients select an influencer that aligns to their brand values, exemplifying our belief that AI can and should be the backbone of the new digital economy,” explained SVP of Cognitive Applications, Blockchain and Ecosystems of IBM Bob Lord.

By using IBM’s Watson tool, casinos and other gambling venues can take full advantage of the natural language understanding of the IBM public cloud to analyze data coming from social media to help influencers engage with more followers, and companies can locate those influencers related to the industry to run promotional content based on the analysis given by the AI tool. It can also detect those influencers that can contribute to the improvement of the brand’s reputation by gauging profanity ratings to recommend potential partners with shared values. This tool capacity of understanding language can also help casinos to make sure they are directing their marketing efforts to the proper targets and with an appropriate tone depending on the population that is receiving the message.

“More than ever, brands seek to make sure every dollar spent drives a measurable return in the online and offline world,” said Influential CEO Ryan Detert in a statement.