The tech giant is making waves with a new processor designed specifically for the gaming industry

One side aspect of the development of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) or the Internet of Things (IoT), is that it requires additional power to function properly. Computers are becoming more powerful as technology moves forward, with developing companies introducing more and better processors to enhance and improve the gaming experience. Intel just announced the tenth generation of Generation core processors it has launched, which will bring a solid base for IoT platforms to function even better. It has up to 10 cores and 20 threads for throughput and socket scalability.

Gaming and entertainment industries are reportedly improving with these processors for 35W to 65W TDP, which are being used in several aspects. For instance, this processors are being used by PCs that have multiple functions like the ones in casinos, which connect to several HD cameras for an almost real-time surveillance and detection. This can help casinos improve their security. The future looks promising for casino gaming tables, which can have computers attached that can track bets and active play with the help of AI software and the IoT.

Gaming platforms can have more power to improve the gambler’s experience through Intel’s Virtualization Technology, but also being conscious of administering that energy consumption in the best way possible. Intel has integrated IoT elements in which built-in hardware accelerators are allowing computers to have a better vision regarding its own performance. These new processors were designed to let users merge different workloads and find an optimization on how the resources are used, with the help of virtualizing CPU, memory and I/O.

The continuing evolution of edge computers will require more power, which is being granted by Intel and its new integration of IoT along with AI, to boost the computer’s performance. For gambling operators, their software developers will make more advanced games with high-class features without the fear of causing lagging or overload in the systems. It will increase its reach and enable casinos to increase their popularity even more.