The UMUSIC Broadwater will incorporate a huge amount of AI to improve the customer experience

The UMUSIC Broadwater is a hotel and casino planned for Biloxi, MS. Behind the venture is a $1.2-billion project that promises to bring an entirely new vision to the area. Included in that vision is technology that has started to become commonplace in many casinos – land-based and virtual – and which is helping to revolutionize how gambling operators interact with their customers. UMUSIC Broadwater is going to introduce a number of features based on artificial intelligence (AI) that are all designed to vastly improve the customer experience.

When the property is finished, currently expected to occur in 2023, the venue will attract over two million patrons each year. Everywhere guests look, they will be wowed by AI, holograms and other cutting-edge technology, all of which are being incorporated into virtually every facet of the property’s operations. While the exact details of how AI will be used haven’t been released, the integration of the technology will make UMUSIC Broadwater one of the most advanced casinos in the country.

Construction on the venue is expected to start next year. In addition to the gaming facilities, the property will also boast of a 12,000-seat entertainment venue, 1,150 hotel rooms, an 18-hole golf course and a new marina.

It is being built through a partnership between Dakia Global U-Ventures and Universal Music Group, and Dakia Chairman Robert Lavia asserts, “Wherever you look, you’ll be wowed.” When it’s complete, the property is expected to offer 2,500 permanent jobs.