Artificial intelligence is proving its worth in creating stronger marketing solutions

Constant growth is something that many of the operators in the iGaming industry look for every day. It seems that this can now be achieved more easily with a platform created by Birmingham-based MCG Digital Media that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to take marketing operations to a whole new level.

The platform, Lead Accelerator, gives online casinos the ability to quickly and efficiently produce AI-enabled landing pages and advertising campaigns, taking marketing to new heights. The goal of this platform is to increase visits to the various online casinos currently available, boosting the number of new players interested every day.

According to recent data, a PCC campaign typically achieves a conversion rate between 3% and 5%, depending on various factors. However, the developers of this platform say that through AI, that rate can be increased up to 15% in most of the currently recognized online casinos. “For some of the gambling operators we work with, this has generated an exponential increase in revenue in the last 12 months alone. Lead Accelerator opens up this technology to more online gambling markets, with setup and optimization in just 30 days,” said Gez McGuire, founder of MCG Digital Media.

It is already well known today that AI applied to marketing allows large online casinos to get to know the different players who are browsing online and offer them what they need and are interested in. In addition, it facilitates the way in which the service is offered, attracting the attention of many for the innovation, giving to understand that it is definitely a market that is at the forefront with this new era of technology.