SkillOnNet. Neccton are ready to take iGaming to a new level

Gambling, in general, might be a very profitable business activity, but it is also an addictive one for some people. The gambling industry and all its sectors are growing rapidly, especially with new technologies improving the overall experience for users. For many years, companies providing gambling services have also taken actions to help these people that develop an addiction to gambling and can’t control themselves, although it hasn’t been the most efficient method so far. With a new partnership between SkillOnNet and a data science company called Neccton, the commitment to responsible gaming can be taken to a new level for the iGaming sector, using artificial intelligence (AI).

Neccton is bringing to the market a few tools that can be used efficiently to promote responsible gambling and SkillOnNet will have them available across its gaming brands. This new technology uses machine learning that required the collaboration from several behavioral scientists, psychologists and a host of other experts giving their inputs on the technology. The data is used to keep track of players and later detect risky patterns or changes in the behavior, as well as certain signs of problems with gambling among the users.

After this, the system detects a potential gambling problem for some a player then it will flag him at being at risk. This person will then receive useful information so it can be protected from any gambling-harm before it gets there. This feature is adapted to each player with the use of AI and machine learning that enable it.

One innovative aspect of these new tools is that they were developed considering different approaches to tackle gambling addiction. They were selected through a “motivational interviewing” method developed by renowned clinical psychologists to establish the steps to be taken once an issue is identified. This approach allows the system to be in touch with the players, providing them with useful information to become aware of the problem and take proper actions at a better time.